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סיגלית רובין פלור - עורכת דין, נטוריון ומגשרת
sigalit Rubin Flor

Adv. Sigalit Rubin Flor

Since 1992, Sigalit Rubin-Flor - Advocate, Notary & Mediator, offers personal guidance to her clients throughout their complete legal procedure by carefully and thoroughly examining each individual case, she always gets to the bottom of the matter and offers the most suitable solution to every client.

The office of Sigalit Rubin-Flor - Advocate, Notary and Mediator is situated at the Kanyonit Hakikar, 86 Hadkalim St., Pardes Hanna.

  • Law degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she graduated in 1992.
  • Mediator since 2004.
  • Notary since 2007.
  • Various courses and advanced study programs of the Bar Association in Real Estate Taxation, Real Estate Transactions, Real Estate Registry, Succession Law and other topics.
  • Member of the Bar Association since 1993.
  • Member of the Hadera Bar Association.
She lives in Pardes Hanna, is married and a mother of 3.

Field of Expertise

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Land laws - dealing with a wide range of topics in the field of real estate.
From the beginning to the end, Adv. Sigalit Rubin-Flor guides her customers through all the steps of the transaction, starting at the legal examination of the property and the tax-related implications of the present and future transactions, through the negotiations and the closure of the transaction, the signing of the contract and the relevant documents and finally the registration of the property.
  • sales and purchase contracts
  • rental contracts: apartments, houses, plots, land and commercial properties.
  • Parceling registration (re-parceling).
  • Registration of condominiums
  • All the registrations at the land registry bureau
  • Corrections of registrations and the addition of identity numbers
Law of Succession
  • Preparation of wills, according to the specific wishes of the client, while taking the various tax-related aspects into account.
  • Handling the order of probate issues and the execution order of wills.
  • Preparation of partition agreements between heirs.
Registered as a licensed mediator on the list of mediators of the management of the courts of law.

Issuing of all notary authorizations in Hebrew and English, including the authorization of copies, English-Hebrew-English translations and the verification of signatures.

The principles behind my beliefs and actions

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I only decided to open the law firm Sigalit Rubin-Flor, at the Kanyonit Hakikar in Pardes Hanna, after many years of experience as an employed and an independent lawyer.
It has always been clear to me, that I will only start my own law firm after having acquired extensive experience in all the aspects concerning succession and property law.
As from my very start as a lawyer and even during my training period I handled property and succession issues (since 1992). During the years I have encountered different aspects of the law as well as a wide range of clients and various topics in the field.

In the course of time I have learned that there is no alternative for experience and that the soundness of a contract can only be measured by the lack of need for future adjustments or for intervention by the court, in order to enforce and/or interpret it, as all aspects have already been taken into account during the negotiation stages.

I am operating my law firm with this concept in mind, profoundly believing, a positive and fair attitude to be the basis for creating a worthwhile contract for all concerned parties, which therefore will avoid any future disputes.

I believe, that the task of a lawyer does not end in writing a contract, but requires a close guidance of the client along the way, a thorough investigation of the specific aspects of each case and the diagnosis of possible future difficulties, even if the customer can not foresee them at the preliminary stage.
A lawyer who is committed to his client has to assume that the field of real estate is not clear to everyone and therefore it is his task to warn and check where the client does not know he might encounter problems.
As a lawyer I believe in in-depth and thorough investigations of every case. This is the only way to prevent legal complications. According to my ideology, a lawyer should do anything in his power to avoid the need of his services in the future.
For this purpose I spend much time in checking out the issue to the bottom and finding out the specific needs of each client, by personally and exclusively handling the cases of all my clients.

The purchase of real estate is one of the most important transactions in life. Most of us are lacking the expertise in buying and selling real estate on a regular basis.
This is why a personal relationship at eye level with my clients is so important to me. I believe that my clients should be aware and involved in every step along the line.
Together we shall be partners in the accomplishment of their exciting and meaningful transaction.

I do not pretend to handle cases which are not in my line of expertise and experience, but in the field of real estate and succession, I can offer professionalism, a wide experience and extensive knowledge.
I always have my clients' welfare in mind, not only in order to "close a deal", but also looking ahead to the future. Therefore it is not enough for me to "close a deal". My purpose is, to close a good deal.

Adv. Sigalit Rubin-Flor, your advocate for you

If you are planning to purchase real estate, or write a will, it is advisable already in the early stages to contact an experienced lawyer.

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